Welcome to BCM credit card e-Application service

BCM bank is pleased to present the new “BCM e-Application Service” to offer you an easy and convenient way in submitting service application!

Without the need to visit BCM branches in person, the “BCM e-Application Service” allows customers to submit application and the required documents via online platform in a few simple steps, anytime and anywhere.

“BCM e-Application Service” is also available for personal loan application. More products/services will be coming soon, please stay tuned!

By clicking the “Start Now” button displayed at the end of the terms and conditions, you are declaring to agree, accept and be bound by all these terms and conditions:

  • I declare that the data in this application form are true and correct and authorize Banco Comercial de Macau, S.A. (“the Bank”) to verify the same from relevant parties.
  • I agree that upon completion and successful submission of e-application, the Bank shall contact me for confirmation and follow up of this application when deemed necessary.
  • I agree that the Bank may request additional documents or information for the completion of this application process. I understand that any failure to provide the requested documents or information may result in application being rejected or delayed.
  • I understand that all applications are subject to the Bank’s final decision and approval.
  • I agree that upon completion of the entire application process, the Bank shall contact me to inform the result of the application.

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