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BCM Bank
Your Best Partner in the new century!

BCM bank is one of the leading banks incorporated in Macau. Since its establishment in 1974, BCM bank has been serving its local customers and working for the development of the Territory’s economy by supporting its main infrastructural investment projects and being traditionally involved in the trade finance.

BCM bank provides a wide variety of high quality financial products and services, ranging from deposits and loans to insurance through its network of 14 branches and self-service banking centres, as well as other channels.

Focused on efficiency improvement and aiming at preparing itself to the new century, BCM bank has undergone an ambitious restructuring plan in these recent years, comprising corporate image development, operations organization, premises renovation and technological modernization.



Since always, BCM bank understands very well that every Customer, at different time and place, will have different needs. In order to render the best care and service to our Customers, we have particularly developed different segments in the bank, targeted to serve different groups of Customers. It is because only by specialization that, we believe, we can get to know our Customers better and make ourselves in the best position to develop and tailor-made the best products and services to meet their needs.

RETAIL BANKING is the most visible part of the Bank. It includes 14 Branches covering all over Macau, Taipa and Coloane. Retail Banking composes of a huge team of professional, stationed all over Macau to serve mainly our individual Customers, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and small business owners. In Retail Banking, Customers may find all the products and services to fulfill their day-to-day financial needs, starting from a simple current or savings account up to an insurance product or an investment fund.

CORPORATE BANKING is an area particularly developed to work hand in hand with our Corporate Customers. A team, formed by expertise and experience personnel, is dedicated to provide the total solution to the corporations, ranging from normal banking transactions to large financial projects and investments. This is always maintained as a key area in actualising our mission to support the territory’s economic growth.


Our Image

Since 1999, you can find that BCM bank has a brand new image - a new CORPORATE IDENTITY that better positions the Bank to face the constant challenges of an ever changing market.

The new identity was a mix of logo in English (BCM bank) and Chinese (澳門商業銀行), together with the graphic dragon. The "dragon" image is fine-tuned and maintains as the key symbol of the identity, reflecting the elements of "solid", "energetic" and "powerful". This new Corporate Identity further reinforces BCM's sound foundation, dynamism, capability and commitment to serve the people in Macau.

The new image of the bank, established in 1999, reflects our confidence in the territory's future and dedication to consolidate our position as one of the most dynamic, innovative and competitive financial institutions in Macau.